‘Draw everything. If there are 5 cups draw 5 cups, how you draw them is up to you’ is some of the best advice I have received. Drawings are my research and ceramics are my canvas.
I began exploring ceramics towards the end of my Illustration degree at Manchester School of Art.
During the first phase of the pandemic, my grandmother, a potter herself, encouraged me to paint her pieces and I fell in love with the concept of functional artwork. Both intrigued and frustrated by the complex and unpredictable nature of ceramics, I decided to undertake an intensive three-month course in Barcelona.
Working solely with high fired clay, my work is a mix of stoneware and porcelain, both wheel-thrown and slip cast. I am drawn to colour and contrast and have experimented with the uneasy relationship between vibrant underglazes and high firing temperatures.
With a focus on editions and one-off pieces, the illustrations are abstracted directly from my observational drawings. Each piece is decorated using methods of hand painting and sgraffito.
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